How to Spot a Quality Hotel From its Decor

With so many of us splashing the cash on fancy hotels every year it seems that everyone is on the lookout for value for money by getting the most high-quality hotel. There are many ways to tell the quality of a hotel establishment with the decor and the choice of furniture is just one indicator of the level of luxury that you are staying in.  

Soft Furnishings

The quality of the smaller touches like the curtains, bedding, towels, and carpets are all a good way to tell if you are in a luxury location, if the company has spit thought into the quality of these smaller items then it is likely that they will have made an effort in the other aspects of the hotel. As a guest, it is nice to see when hotels think about the small touches that they include in their rooms making it a clear sign of luxury when effort has been made in these areas.  


Quality of Furniture

With the price of furniture rising at a substantial rate, and more people favoring more unique pieces, the choice of furniture made by a hotel is very important. In a luxury hotel, you should be on the lookout for unique design elements and decorative pieces that you wouldn’t see elsewhere. It is often thought that pieces made out of the more flimsy materials are not comparable to the ones made from more high-end materials such as solid oak. If you are looking for inspiration for furniture within your home then a luxury hotel would be a great place to find it, taking inspiration from the designs used in a hotel is a great way to help you choose a good reclining sofa or new bathroom cabinet that would fit in a luxury aesthetic.