Explore The French Attractions While Travelling To France

France is a Western European country with which almost every traveler is in love. Many people find France as their dream destination. The natural landscape and picturesque surroundings of this country attract millions of people from all over the world. The beautiful islands well complement the topography of France. The formation of these islands in France is a result of tectonic episodes. This is what makes France one of the most attractive countries. France does not have a uniform climatic condition because of its space and geographical location. You cannot miss out on a single thing while visiting France.

Reasons to visit France

There are plenty of reasons why people can and should travel to France. France is known for its great artists, writers, and philosophers. It is present in almost every corner of the streets of France. People explore these corners of this country also for immersing in the very beautiful and sophisticated language in the world- French. People take a keen interest in learning this language and are drawn towards this European country’s geographical diversity. From the beautiful long coastlines, farmland vistas to the breathtaking mountain ranges- France has all of them in store for its visitors.

Popular French cities to explore

People sometimes can take months to explore the vast country of France. However, there are some of the must-visit places in France that deserve to be explored at least once in your entire lifetime. There are some incredible and fun religious cities and villages with many unique things to catch a sight of. Some of these stunning places to visit in France are:

1. Bordeaux – This is one of the most favorite and the most explored cities of France. It is also known for being the wine capital of this country. This is because you can find many wine connoisseurs across the streets of Bordeaux. People who travel to this city can find many historical monuments, restaurants for a gourmet dining experience, and many small markets. Food in this French city never disappoints the tourists coming here from all over the world.

2. Paris – This is another most favorite city in France. People are crazy about this place as they find it extremely romantic and often come with their partners. Paris is such a city that you can probably visit more than once. The Eiffel Tower, as we all know, is one of the major attractions of Paris. You can say that people visit Paris for the only purpose, that is, the Eiffel Tower. The marvelous artwork and the outstanding cathedrals in Paris also blow away the minds of the visitors.

3. Nice – This is France’s most charming city and is worth every visit. There are some stunning beaches where you can enjoy an extremely peaceful evening with your friends and family. Apart from that, you can also try the most famous food found exclusively in this city. This must-try food is ‘socca’ that is made out of chickpea flour.

4. Rocamadour – This is such a French city that will not disappoint you. This city has been claimed to be UNESCO’s World Heritage site. The clifftop village that you find in this city of Rocamadour can most definitely steal the hearts of visitors worldwide. The picturesque castles and the narrow streets filled with cobblestones are a must to enjoy. You can find some spectacular views while walking along the streets of Rocamadour.

5. The Alsace Region – This is one of the most magnificent districts of France. It is known for being quite historically acclaimed. There are some beautiful villages and gothic churches to explore. The Alsace region houses cover some unique and colorful houses that the visitors fall in love with.

Activities You Can Enjoy in France

Apart from the cities, as mentioned above in France, many other regions and districts are quite popular and well-known. Some of the remaining places are Saint Emilion, Dordogne Valley, Nimes, The French Alps, Lille, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and others. There are plenty of activities that tourists can enjoy in these cities in France. When planning a trip to France, you need to do these fun and exciting activities. Some of these activities include:

● One of the most enchanting and magical activities to do in France is to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Early evening is the best time to do so as you can watch the most elegant scenario of sunset.

● You can enjoy a cruising experience on the Seine River. You can enjoy the boat tours of Bateaux-Mouches. People can either enjoy early morning tours, lunch cruises, or even a dinnertime romantic cruise. You can watch the monuments along the river while on the cruise.

● Visit the beautiful Louvre Museum and explore its royal residence. The collection of artwork in this museum is quite rich and diverse.

● Explore the Palace of Versailles

● You can take a relaxing pilgrimage tour to Mont Saint-Michel. People visit this place as it is one of the most striking landmarks of France.

● You can travel through the Chateaux Loire Valley. The Renaissance structures on the hilltops here are quite mesmerizing and have the most magnificent design.

● Explore the beautiful lavender fields of Provence. You will find it beautiful, vibrant, and breathtaking. The visitors are enchanted by the sweet smell of the purple lavenders.

Enjoy the diverse French cuisine

France is such a country that is known for its wine and food. The fine dining and drinking experience at the top-most restaurants of France speak for the wonderful taste itself. Local delicacies in France to give a certain idea about the French cuisine to the tourists visiting this place. French bistros and brasseries can be found in almost every corner of the streets of France. France is also known for its variety of loaves of bread and pastries. Baguette is one of the most popular types of loaves of bread found in France. French pastries, on the other hand, constitute quite a large part of French cuisine. Now, France is not all about loaves of bread and pastries. You can also find quite tasty regional dishes that everyone must try. Some of the regional dishes of France are choucroute, cassoulet, Flammekueche, Baeckeoffe, Raclette, and many others. So, it is important that you try these dishes while visiting France.