Making up the best vacation memories from travel in France

When it comes to spending vacations in foreign nations, France comes as one of the preferred ones. In other terms, it lies on the creamy layer of the bucket list of travelers. It can be described in few words as- a serene landscape, classy cuisines, amazing cutlery, attractive destinations, and perfect amalgamation of the European culture. Not to forget, the easy connectivity to the nation is an added advantage for the further spread of international tourism.

Read on to find more about the travel to France and the things that need to be kept in your itinerary before planning for the next dream vacation.

A minor briefing

France is one of the European Union’s prominent nations and spreads across the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel, and the North Sea. With a beautiful capital set up in Paris, it has good coverage of the urban population and significantly equal value of the rural and rustic populace. The nation’s political history is something to take pride in (names like Napoleon still shine on the armor and have taken the nation to greater heights during the early 19th century).

The nation is currently witnessing the next levels of the boom in the culture and commerce, some of those being owed to the association with NATO, WTO, OECD, European Union, Eurozone, and many more.

The stunning places

One of the primary components of the visit to France is the rich heritage preserved in beautiful and stunning places. Not only do they add value to nature, but they also create etched memories for the visitors. The following are some of the highly recommended and important ones that you cannot miss:

  • Bordeaux, which is called the nation’s wine capital and houses the secrets to the world’s finest and popular varieties of French wine. Added to it are the historical monuments, tiny markets showcasing the enriched culture, gourmet dining, and other social spots to interact with. Apart from the classic vineyards and wine tasting spots, the compulsory locations to tick off at Bordeaux include de la Bourse, Water Mirror, Grand Theatre, Jardin Public, and Tour Pey-Berland.
  • Saint Emilion matches the description of dream fairylands and houses the pivotal churches and other historic monuments. The stone pavements on the streets impart the traditional looks to the location and create photographic spots that cannot be ignored. Monolithic Church, Chateau La Dominique, Monolith are the brownie points that add overall value to the location.
  • Alsace Region blends the values of historic significance and magnificence. The Beaux villages are housed in the region, and their very looks create the photogenic moments that can be captured from the finest grades of DSLR. Gothic churches and wine tasting spots are others to attract you further.
  • French Alps, which is the very embodiment of Mother Nature, turns into a majestic white body during the snow season. Lakes, valleys, waterfalls, Mont Blanc mountain, and classy roads further define the location’s beauty that cannot be expressed with words. The summer season houses cycling, mountain climbing, and hiking, whereas the winter season includes skiing and snowboarding.
  • Lille is considered one of the nation’s economical cities and is the preferred location for visitors under a tight budget. History, the charm of the building, and lip-smacking puddings are the first things that come to mind when you hear the place’s name. Natural History Museum, Citadel, Beaux-Arts Museum, Flea market (found mainly during September) are other attractions to the location.
  • Cannes, which is the land of the famous Cannes Festival and attracts a large number of celebrities annually. Overlooking the Mediterranean territory, it has beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, and yachts. These come at a hefty price, but it would be highly worth it and can make the best memories out of the location.
  • Paris, which needs no special mention and is by default a part of the itinerary of nearly all of the international travelers. The highly commercialized and most expensive city of the nation houses the famous Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, and other magical and scenic spots. Secret Parisian spots and top-class restaurants are additional factors to thrive in the tourism of the location further.

Therefore, if you want to have the best vacation to France, then please ensure that you mandatorily include these in your list.

The easy commuting

As a part of your trips, you can go by walking within the streets of the locations and enjoy the beauty from your own eyes. Apart from that, trains and trams still form the pivotal and cost-effective public transport in the nation. It enhances the connectivity between different cities and presents the advanced development of the nation to the visitors.

The recent regulations

However, it is not a hidden fact that the pandemic of COVID-19 has further complicated how the visitors anticipated their dream vacation to France. Like the other nations, it has also placed various restrictions and clauses to contain the spread and provide the natives and internationals ambient atmosphere. The following speak about some of the important ones:

  • You can enter France only if you belong to the allowable set of nations by the Embassy and cooperate towards the required testing, i.e., Rapid Antigen or RT-PCR before departure and at the airports’ arrival points.
  • There are no hard and bound quarantine rules now, and things have relaxed a bit. If you are detected with the virus, then self-isolation is a must and for others, maintaining the social distancing norm is highly imperative.
  • The nation’s departures are also flexible, and in case of moving out during curfews, special permissions need to be signed from the higher authorities.
  • Based on the visitor’s purpose or type of visa, regulations differ from one state to the other. Just go through those before making any commencement on the plans.

On an ending note, do not let such unprecedented times dampen your holiday spirit. Follow the requisite protocols, and your vacation in France would be exactly the way as anticipated or dreamed by you.