Smart Shopper: How to Spot a Good Deal While Abroad

When you are shopping abroad I’m sure you have experienced at one point or another going to a store and finding something you like only to find it cheaper at another store when you have already gone ahead with a purchase. As you are dealing with foreign currency and pricing regulations you may find that things are very different from how you are used to so I would highly recommend that you do some research into the currency and the way in which prices are selected in the region that you are visiting.  

Look in Different Stores

One of the best ways that you can make sure you are not wasting money by buying things at a more expensive price in the  Netherlands would be to hold off on the purchase until you have checked a few similar stores in the area.  This way you can see what other retailers offer the item priced at and find the best deal, shopping around also gives you the opportunity to find alternative items that you may enjoy more. You should never go straight in with an impulse purchase no matter where you are as you never know what other stores may have to offer. Let’s be honest for those of you that enjoy shopping you do not need a second reason to visit more shops. When shopping for gifts if you look around in multiple shops you are more likely to come across a hidden gem so I would highly recommend that you do this, many shops abroad carry a range of exclusive souvenirs and 11-jarige meisjes krijgen dit graag als verjaardagscadeau. 


When traveling abroad you may find the opportunity to visit some smaller businesses to markets who could be open to haggling, if you are able to haggle effectively you may find that some retailers will be open to lowering their prices especially if you are buying bulk orders of something. With haggling, some people prefer not to try out of respect for small businesses however if you feel it is appropriate for the situation I see no reason why you shouldn’t try and get your products at a more affordable price especially if you are buying a large quantity of produce.  



When it comes to buying anything abroad you are more likely to find the best deals and the highest quality of items if you research the area and find the best shopping or tourist hotspots. In most areas of the world, you will find that some areas are perfect for tourism and shopping and other areas will be a bit quieter and more residential. If you are going out specifically for shopping I would highly commend that you speak to locals or staff at your accommodations to find the best areas to do so and avoid the nightmare scenario of traveling to a location that does not suit your needs in terms of facilities and shops being nearby.