The Food to Have While You Travel In France

The Europe tour is not complete unless you have one picture by the Eiffel tower. The city of romance has managed to attract tourists from all over the world. The French culture, the cities, the food, and how can one forget the delicacies are the things that make people travel in France.

French desserts

Croissants and macarons are no more French secrets. Even your local bakery has a version of their own. Hence, there is no point in going for a croissant hunt during breakfast. Instead, stroll through the street and get the baguettes from the bakery you stumble upon. Yes, having macarons by the Seine is very traditional for any tourist, but twist that a little and try the French cheese.

Having a crepe for breakfast is not a big deal. It is easy to make, and you can check the recipe on the internet. But the French-style omelet, even if you revise the recipe repeatedly, will not be French enough. So, stay in for breakfast and order the classic French style omelet followed by the very well-known creme brulee.

What about the proteins?

It has been ingrained in our minds that travel in France is all about the desserts. Hence, when we hear the word French we can only think about tarts and pies, delicacies sweeter than our lives.

Now, the questions arise about the main courses. Even if you do not read or watch lots of French novels and movies, you have at least seen the very famous one, named Ratatouille. A small mouse whose skill is no less than a five star Michelle. The dishes shown in that movie made us crave more French. And, now, when you are finally making your trip plan, you are wondering whether the food in that movie is real or not. You will be happy to hear that Ratatouille is. Well, not the rat itself but the item he cooked and presented to the strict critic. It is a healthy summer dish, carefully cooked using eggplant, fresh tomatoes, peppers, and most importantly, zucchini, all tossed and stirred in olive oil along with Mediterranean herbs.

After you tried the healthy dish, there are a lot more stored for you. A very light dish called the salade niçoise, made of fresh tomatoes and niçoise olives, stirred well with tuna, eggs, and anchovies.

In the evening, when you are tired from touring the towns, you can sit down in a cafe and chewed on the crispy and delicious andouillette, that is, pork sausage.

What’s for dinner?

As the day fades into the night sky, you head for your dinner. But how can you know what to eat when no one talks about what France had to offer for dinner? Worry not, we got you. Prepared a list with the absolute four best dishes you should try before retiring to bed:

  • Beef Bourguignon is the dish preferred by the French people as well as the international tourists during winter. It is a stew of the tender and braising pieces of the Charolais beef, dipped in red wine along with pearl onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, and herbs to flavor it up. This dish tastes better if you have it with red wine and a baguette.
  • The duck confit or called Confit de canard is a healthy replacement for your daily dose of chicken. It is the best thing about travel in France you get to try out the food that you usually will not order in. This duck dish is prepared for well over four hours that also in its very own fat. Then the final touch is done with so,e garlic, salt, and herbs.
  • The bouillabaisse is a fish stew that is a must-try for tourists. All the seafood lovers find this soup hearty. It is, after all, made with three different kinds of fish. Sometimes, your chosen restaurant may offer mussels, crabs, octopus, or shrimps if you are in luck. Probably, the best place to have this dish is in the South of France, by the sea.
  • If you think that the three types of fish will be too much for you, you can then stick to the simple oysters & shellfish that the French cuisine has to offer. And even if you can not make it to the South of French to enjoy the freshly caught shellfish or the oysters, you can go to any French bakery or restaurant and will find just the same.
  • The steak tartare is one dish that you will see the locals munching on as you walk past a restaurant. You can enjoy this dish with bread and red wine. And if you have too much wine already, grab some coffee.

What are some other dishes?

French cuisine has no end. You already know about the desserts, also we added some more and now, we have informed you about the main course you should try. But is it the end? Of course, not!

Walking through the streets of France will make you come across a lot of bakeries or restaurants. You will find a lot more like the:

  • Kouign-Amann, which is the traditional Brittany cake.
  • The French special black truffle.
  • The North African traditional dish is called couscous.
  • Apple tart or Tarte aux Pommes in a more French way.
  • The chocolate pistachio pastry but in French, you call it l’escargot chocolat-pistache.
  • The buttery cake is called madeleines.
  • Chicken tossed in red wine called coq au vin.
  • Simple chocolate croissant.
  • The famous French pink cookies, called biscuit rose de reims.

When you are traveling, a lot of factors decides whether your stay was fruitful or not. The hotel accommodation becomes first followed by your days spend in ease and fun, lastly the food. If you are stepping on foreign land, you better be informed about their food and culture. It helps you to understand them more and relish the delicious food they provide. So, enchant your travel experience in France with aesthetic pictures and tasty food.