Travelling Without a Suitcase: The Must-Have Items When You’re Packing Light

Now that it is getting colder outside, it is likely that you are planning a holiday to a hot location to escape the cold nights. Though you may be excited at the prospect of a holiday, there is no denying that the last year hasn’t been hard on all of our bank accounts.

If you haven’t got as many savings as you would like, you may think that you have to compromise on having the holiday of your dreams. It has been over a year since we have been able to travel, so the first place that you should go should not be compromised.

Instead of abandoning the location you want to travel to, you can instead cut costs in other ways to save a bit of cash. A very popular way in which travellers on a budget save money is by travelling without a suitcase. You can save up to fifty dollars on a flight by not paying the baggage fees, which can be contributed to the rest of your holidays.

If you are someone who is used to filling a suitcase every time you go on holiday, the limitations of hand luggage may seem scary. Everyone is partial to a bit of overpacking for a holiday and so it feels almost unnatural to be limited to one small bag. This means that you may be worried about what you should pack and you have to think wisely about what you choose.

Here are our recommendations on the must-have items that you should pack when you are travelling without a suitcase.

Plenty of Socks

Due to just how small socks are, you will be glad to know that there are no real limitations on how many you can bring with you. Overpacking socks is acceptable when you head on holiday for several reasons.

First of all, when you are travelling you will likely be doing a lot of sightseeing. When you are in a hot country, your socks are going to get pretty sweaty, so you will want to change them a couple of times a week. You want to remain comfortable when you are on holiday and one of the best ways that you can ensure your own comfort is by looking after your feet.

If you are heading to a colder location, be sure to bring a few pairs of bed socks, as this will ensure that your feet are nice and warm at nighttime.

Don’t bother bringing a towel

When you pack for your usual holidays, you have definitely noticed that your towels take up a lot of the space in your suitcase, so imagine how much space a towel would take up in your carry on.

You may be worried that you will have to go your entire holiday without a towel, but this is not the case. When you stay at a hotel, they provide clean towels for no extra charge. These towels are then cleaned and replaced every day, which means that you will always have a fresh towel ready to use.

You may also be concerned that you will not have a towel to take to the beach with you, but this is once again not the case. I remember when I went on holiday to one of the best sandals resort hotels, I forgot to bring a beach towel with me. I simply went to the main reception and told them that I had forgotten mine and they provided me with some towels to take to the beach, I just had to return them when I got back to the hotel.

If you are worried about your hotel not offering the same service, just call them before you go, as this will save you from any uncertainty.

Wear Your Big Shoes on The Plane

When you are travelling, you may be talented to wear your comfy shoes on the plane. This usually means that you wear your holiday flip-flops or sliders and put your trainers in your suitcase.

Hey, we get it, comfort is key when you are on a flight. However, your sliders take up way less space than your trainers, so you should put them in your carry on. If you save space with your choice of footwear, then you can bring some extra items of clothing or even some accessories or forms of entertainment.

We also recommend that you bring flip-flops that can be rolled up, as you will be able to pack them away just like socks and save a whole lot of room in your bag.

Bring Versatile Clothing

Instead of bringing a week’s worth of clothes on holiday with you, you should instead pack a few versatile pieces that you can reuse throughout your holiday. If you bring a staple top and bottom, then you will be able to use these items multiple times.

If you are worried about wearing clothes more than once when you are away, then we have a solution for you. If you bring a few thin pieces with you, then you can always wash them in your hotel bathroom, and then leave them to dry. Due to the weather in hot countries, it shouldn’t take your clothes more than a few hours to dry, so you will be able to use them the next day and they will be perfectly clean.